Starting a Small Business in Ontario?
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There are currently 127 government grant and loan programs available to small business owners in Ontario. As well as over 1,200 private investors looking to fund small businesses in Ontario. Get your access to the Funding Programs Database and browse programs which your small business may be able to get funded from!

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3 Easy Steps To Getting Your Business Funded

Take a minute to go through the 3 easy steps in getting your small business in Ontario funded. There are over a 1,000 sources of government grants, loans, financial assistance and private angel investors who are available to fund small businesses in Ontario.

Look up and Research All Funding Programs


We've done the research for you...
All you have to do is look...
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small business in Ontario

Weight all your funding options


What programs do you prefer more?
Government Grants and Loans?
Private Investors?
How much could you get?

Take action and get access to all funding programs to use towards launching your small business

Apply for Funding

Your Ontario Small Business Can't Wait!
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the funding it deservers.
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What Our Small Business Owners Say

  • “It's very tough for new tech companies to start-up without much capital, but with your business startup tools and funding directory we were able to accomplish both in little over a month.”

    — ManuTek Developers —
  • "Following the start-up plan we launched our nonprofit charity in less than a month and came out kicking and screaming!. Thank you, our crowdfunding campaign made us real."

    — No More Red —
  • “I teach new technology and the need to follow a plan to learn and understand better, but I didn't follow it myself in business thus I failed multiple times. Only with you guys did I end up finding my way back.”

    — TechTutor —

Benefits of the Small Business Funding Database

View All Funding Programs in One Place

All Funding Programs in One Place

Access over 1,200 government grant, loan and private funding programs offered to small business owners in Ontario

Grow your Small Business

Find Funding Progams That Actually Help

Grow your small business with access to the right funding programs that actually pay so you can actually startup

Low Cost Funding Options

Get your Small Business Funded

No matter if its a grant or a loan, or even private funding - the database aims to help you get your business funded!

Save Time and Launch Your Business

Don't Waste Any Time Get Started ASAP

Time is a limited resource for small business owners who are starting up. Don't waste your time researching, use it to apply!

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